The Atlas Mountains

The Challenges

The Atlas Mountains

The three highest mountains in North Africa are all located in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, a vast massif stretching some 450 miles from the Algerian border to the Atlantic Ocean. We summit all three during this tough challenge whilst trekking through diverse scenery, from beautiful cultivated valleys with mud-brick houses perched on the slopes, rock formations and gorges, scree slopes and barren peaks. The panoramas are endless over this spectacular mountain scenery and the vast desert beyond. We have time at the end to explore Marrakech, a vibrant, bustling city which provides the perfect contrast to our week in the mountains.

What it's really like
Steep rocky climbs
High altitude
Trek upto 12 hours
Heat can be intense; cold at night
Great interaction with Berber guides and cameleers
Highest climb to Mt Toubkal (4167m)
Day 2: Marrakech – Ait Bougmez – Azib Ikiss
Drive approx 3.5 hours; trek approx 5 hours

Day 3: Azib Ikiss – Tarkeddid Plateau
Trek approx 7 hours

Day 4: M’Goun Summit
Trek approx 9-11 hours

Day 5: Azib Imin Oulaoune – Amsouzart
Trek approx 5 hours; drive approx 4 hours

Day 6: Amsouzart – Mouflon Hut/Camp
Trek approx 7-9 hours

Day 7: Ouanoukrim Summit
Trek approx 8-10 hours

Day 8: Toubkal Summit – Imlil
Trek approx 10-12 hours