The Sahara Desert

The Challenges

The Sahara Desert

Trek a challenging 100km through the awe-inspiring Sahara Desert! From flat desert floor scattered with ancient fossils to perfect wind-blown sand-dunes, and salt-pans creating strange mirages, the trekking is diverse and demanding. A vast, unforgiving landscape, the desert is a truly beautiful place to discover, while the incredible star-strewn night skies are unforgettable. Trekking through the Sahara can be humbling and life-changing; your everyday life back home will feel a million miles away! Accompanied by Berber guides and a small caravan of camels, our remote night-camps are scenes of friendly hospitality, with camp-fires and Berber singing often a real highlight of the trip!

What it's really like
Trek firm desert floor and soft sand
Strenuous ascents of dunes
Trek 6-7 hours each day
Heat can be intense; cold at night
Great interaction with Berber guides and cameleers
Camping and sleeping under desert skies whilst trekking.
Day 2: Ouarzazate – M’Hamid – Dune Camp
Trek approx 3 hours

Day 3: Dune Camp – Well Camp
Trek approx 6 hours

Day 4: Well Camp – Bluff Camp
Trek approx 7 hours

Day 5: Bluff Camp – Chgaga Camp
Trek approx 7 hours

Day 6: Chgaga Camp – Chgaga – Jebel Bani Camp
Trek approx 7 hours

Day 7: Jebel Bani Camp – Saltpan Camp
Trek approx 7 hours

Day 8: Saltpan Camp – Foum Zguid – Marrakech
Trek approx 4 hours